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Our cobblers are world class, and we commit to delivering
superior results every time — guaranteed. Check out some
before-and-after examples below.


Restorative Clean & Weatherproofing

These men’s monk-strap shoes received our Restorative Clean &
Weatherproofing service to remove dirt and salt stains and return
the leather to a lustrous shine. In addition, the heel was repaired in
order to mend nicks and standard wear-and-tear.


Women’s Heel & Tip Repair

Women’s heels are often subject to significant damage from
sidewalk grates, escalators, amd general wear-and-tear. Here, the
heels were repaired and freed of nicks and dents, and new rubber
tips were applied.


Women’s Heel & Sole Repair

These Louboutin boots had lost some of their glamour with
damage to the sole. Our cobblers used red sole guards and paint
to regain the original aesthetic of the sole, while maintaining all
original logos and markings.


Men’s Heel & Sole Repair

With nail heads showing through, both the heels and soles of these
shoes were in need of repair. Our cobblers applied men’s sole
guards to the front portion of the sole to prolong its life and
provide traction for the wearer. The heels were also repaired, and
returned to their original aesthetic.


Custom Insole & Footbed Repair

These sandals received a custom repair, with special attention
paid to the insole and footbed of the shoe. A new footbed was put
in place, in addition to new insoles. Careful attention was paid to
match the original color of the shoes, and to maintain the designer

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